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  • Change is a part of life

    Hello readers! Apologies for my continued silence – and I’m sorry to say it’s going to continue for the next couple of months. My household is picking up and moving across the country over the next couple of weeks. This Read more →

  • Days for parents

    The other day I read Nicole Belanger’s post over on Modern Loss about Mother’s Day, and the feelings it evokes for her. Her powerful writing got me thinking about my own feelings about Mother’s Day & Father’s Day, although Mother’s Day Read more →

  • It’s 2016! (And what happened to 2015?)

    First, to the loyal readers who have stuck with me through a period of silence: thank you! I’ve been absent from this blog much, much longer than I anticipated. After my last post, a review of Philip Q. Yang’s Ethnic Read more →

  • Review of Philip Q. Yang’s “Ethnic Studies: Issues and Approaches”

    In Ethnic Studies: Issues and Approaches, Philip Q. Yang provides an excellent introduction to the ethnic studies as an academic discipline. Yang’s writing style is clear, accessible, and to-the-point, while the organization of the book overall is logical, flowing smoothly Read more →

  • Reflections on Edward Said’s “Orientalism”

    Instead of my standard book review I thought I would select a few quotes from Orientalism that I found useful, and reflect on them. The edition I’m reading was issued in 2003 commemorate the 25th anniversary of Orientalism‘s publication. This Read more →

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